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We continue the missions despite the lockdown!

The Covid-19 epidemic is imposing totally new measures on French society. In this difficult period, our thoughts are with the victims and the medical staff who are saving lives.
The SDZ ProcessRéa teams have applied the Government’s recommendations. Home office has been implemented in partnership with our clients in order to ensure the continuity of the missions in optimal conditions.
More than ever, logistics supply chains must be protected and guaranteed. We are working on this.

Be well, and stay at home!

Journée d'équipe SDZTeam day at the Alain Ducasse Cooking School

On the 20th of January 2019, we followed our traditional bi-annual seminar at the famous Alain Ducasse Cooking School, which welcomed us for a cooking class, a team lunch and a strategy meeting. It was an opportunity for the consultants to apply our values of sharing and rigour, but this time around the stove!

Interview with François Mondou, Director of SDZ ProcessRéa –

Within the framework of its automation, Socamaine called on SDZ ProcessRéa to manage the entire project. François Mondou, General Manager, gives an update on the missions of the logistics co-engineering firm.

François Mondou, founder of SDZ ProcessRéa, and his team of expert engineers, respond to the design of automated distribution centres.


Robotic distribution centre – Socamaine


After a cycle of engineering missions with SDZ PROCESSREA, La Socamaine (E.Leclerc Movement) inaugurates its new automated distribution centre in Le Mans.

This platform, composed of the highest high bay warehouse in France (45 metres), is completed by an automated order preparation cell, controlled by 10 anthropomorphic robots, capable of handling multi-format and multi-reference packages in Tetris.

Given the scale of the investment and the stakes in terms of services to shops, the financial and insurance authorities and, of course, the legal experts have finally decided to take into account the risks involved in such projects.

Read the article, photos and videos of the inauguration day of this new centre by clicking on the following link:

VoxLog – Retail: the supply chain reinvents itself

September 10th 2018

SDZ ProcessRea publishes its White Paper on Omni and Multichannel Distribution!

June 18th 2018

The latter aims to present a complete schematic of the information processing systems as well as the case-by-case modelling of the physical flows of the distance selling and home delivery networks.

Through this digital work called “Omni/multichannel VAD-LAD, review of technical means and intra-logistics equipment solutions”, SDZ ProcessRea thus decodes the main mechanisms that make up the logistical requirements and constraints of these distribution networks.

Integrated into this guide is a review of the technical means and intra-logistics equipment solutions intended for companies that respond to traditional distribution organisations but also to the new BtoC channels of e-commerce.


Septembre 5th 2017

SDZ has been known in Europe for more than 30 years for its studies and simulations of complex industrial and logistical issues. In recent years, the company has added project design and management to its range of skills in France.

In order to preserve the integrity of its expertise, and to identify the implementation and coordination activities of these industrial projects, the company now operates under the name PROCESSREA. This entity centralises in its French offices a team of expert engineers in : Logistics, Mechatronics, Robotics, IT and Civil Engineering for the management and coordination of interfaces.

VoxLog decoders: interview with François Mondou, Managing Director of SDZ PROCESSREA

April 21th 2017

SDZ, time to go to Japan!

June 15th 2016

Japan invites itself to SDZ-France.
Kodaï Hamano, a student in Civil Engineering and Site Infrastructure Planning, in his final year at the brilliant University of Tokyo, joins the French team of logistics engineers.

He participates with the French team in the development and elaboration of complex project management models by integrating process interfaces and their impacts on civil engineering and the construction of automated distribution centres.

Welcome to the team!

SDZ is moving… again!

May 18th 2016

SDZ France is growing and moving again!
After 3 years spent in the offices of 143 Avenue Charles de Gaulles in Neuilly-sur-Seine, SDZ France has taken possession of its new premises at 58 Avenue Charles de Gaulle in Neuilly-sur-Seine.

Find all the information and contact details by clicking on our CONTACT tab.

We hope to welcome you soon!

Discover the portrait of François Mondou, in VOXLOG magazine

May 17th 2016

We invite you to discover François Mondou, Managing Director of SDZ France, from an original angle, in issue 5 of VOXLOG magazine, by clicking on the link below.

The factory moves into the warehouse

October 17th 2013

This is the title of the survey that appears in issue no. 109 of the Journal de la Logistique, the subject of which is the metamorphosis of the process within logistics warehouses, industrial tools largely influenced by the processes of production sites, and whose notable changes are in Computerisation, Mechanisation and Automation, and methods.

You will find the point of view of our General Manager, Mr François Mondou, as well as that of important players in the world of logistics, sharing their experiences.

(Page 32 of JDL n°109)

SDZ in issue 106 of the Journal de la Logistique.

July 5th 2013

Read the very interesting article from the Journal de la Logistique on the subject of WMS / WCS information systems in logistics warehouses. You will find the point of view of the major players in French and European logistics, including that of our General Manager, Mr François MONDOU.

(Pages 60 to 69 of JDL No. 106)